My Testimony of Jesus Christ

My journey to find Jesus Christ started when I was very young.

Growing up, I struggled with many mental disorders, and it was like my mind was suffocating in a prison.

The depths of my soul ached as I searched through many religions to find the truth, but I didn’t find the answers that I was looking for.

This led to what I called, “My Darkness”.

In this video, I share my BIGGEST struggle, and how God changed the heart of a witch.

I go in-depth on what it was like to have these diseases, and share what it’s like to finally be free from them and the demon that oppressed me.

Here’s my story about how an ex-Witch Converted to Christianity and got Healed of Many Diseases

After I Share My Testimony, I Usually Get Asked A Few Questions…

Why Did You Call Yourself A Witch And Not A Wizard Or Warlock?

Where I grew up, “witch” was a gender neutral term.

A “warlock” is a witch that got kicked out of a coven. A coven is made up of witches that form a close group, usually going through a ritual to bind themselves to one another, and there’s generally not more than 13 to their group/coven.

They also said that when I was around, a tempest showed up (perhaps Holy Spirit or all of the demons that I invited in).

I was never invited into and kicked out of a coven, so I wasn’t a warlock.

Why Were You Able To Move In The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit When You Weren’t Following Jesus Christ?

The Holy Bible is clear on the matter, that God doesn’t change His mind about giving His gifts to people… it’s beyond repentance.

Once you’ve received the gift, you can still function in the gifts apart from relationship with Him.

Did You Grow Up With Autism Or Was That The Result Of Being Possessed By The Demon?

I grew up with it, and the rest of the disorders, prior to going into witchcraft.

There are biblical references to mental disorders being the result of demonic possession though.

Did You Experience Any Spiritual Backlash After Leaving Witchcraft?

I know that some do, but I didn’t.

I don’t think there has to be any, but I’m certainly not trying to minimize those who have gone through it.

I’ve gone through spiritual attacks, but God is faithful, stronger, our protector, and fights our battles.

We must submit to God, resist the devil, and the devil will flee. Our submission to God is our resisting the devil.

Like Saul Was A Hebrew Of Hebrews, I Was Called A pagan’s Pagan.

I burned 1,000’s of dollars worth of witchcraft items after I left.

I lost many friends.

They said I betrayed them when I became a Christian.

“What does light have to do with darkness anyway?”

What Question Would You Like To Ask Me About My Struggle That I Didn’t Cover?

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    Thank you for trusting us with your testimony. Yes I will share, I know people who will spread this in the city.

    • Kevin Rape

      Thank you so much for sharing my testimony. I pray it encourages and inspires many to continue in the faith, and others to give God another chance.

  • Damulira Simon

    Thank you dear for the testimony. It is really encouraging and I would like to get in touch with you and my team.

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